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Telecom Products

Indoor &Outdoor coverage solution

Fiber Optic solutions

     Fiber Optical Cables

  • Indoor Fiber Optical Cables
  • Out-door Fiber Optical Cables
  • Fiber optics Accessories

RF Total Solutions for Wireless Base Station and In building System

  • RF Cables
  • RF Connectors
  • RF Patch & Omni Directional Antennas 
  • RF Splitters
  • RF Transmission Line Products
  • RF Combiner, Filter and Coupler
  • TMAs
  • RF Repeaters/ DAS solutions


Telecom Towers

  • Angular Towers
  • Tubular Towers
  • Rooftop towers
  • Cell on Wheels (COW Tower)
  • Rapid deployment units, guyed, rooftop poles

Structured Cabling System

  • Cat 6, Cat 5, Cat 11,RG 59 and UTP for voice & data
  • Voice & Data Face Plates(Wallmounted, Floor Mounted)
  • Modular Jacks
  • Network Cabinets (Standard Network Cabinets & Racks , Co-Location Cabinets, Compaq Equivalent Network Cabinets  ,Custom Cabinets and Computer Racks, Double Wide Network Cabinets, Seismic Cabinets, Water Tight Cabinets, Wall Mount Computer Racks & Cabinets, Open Relay Racks, Shelves,Network Cabinets).
  • Shielding cables (FTP & S-FTP)
  • Trunking, PVC Conduits, GUI Trunking

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NTEST FIberwatch

A 24x7 physical layer fiber monitoring system Proprietary OTDR… 

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RF Combiners,Filter…

RF combiners, splitters, couplers and hybrids refer to slightly… 

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RF Repeaters

A radio repeater is a combination of a radio receiver… 

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RF Solution Accessories

Accessories   Connector   7/16 DIN Series   N… 

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Barik Telecom is a global designer of BTS feeder system and… 

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In-Building Wireless Systems are also quite effective at… 

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RF Cables

RF Cable Assembly is a quality manufacturer of standard and… 

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In-building Antenna Dual Band Omni Antenna   Multi Band… 

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RF Total Solution

Barik Telecom is the Main distributor for LS cable in Oman,… 

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Telecom Tower Angular Towers   Tubular Towers   Rooftop… 

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