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Barik Telecom is a division of Barik Group. Barik Group divers in Telecom, IT Infra and software solutions, Trading, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Electrical Engineering, Civil Construction. Barik Telecom represents world leaders in telecommunication and data communication, bringing a range of state-of-the-art products that form an integral part of the communication requirements of any modern office or home.

Barik Telecom geared to execute any project successfully. All personnel involved in the execution of projects are well trained in the various aspects of the job, and are capable of providing ongoing, stable support for all equipment. Barik Telecom’s greatest asset is strong, dedicated team qualified in design, installation,commissioning and system integration who ensure that the installation practices subscribe to the rigid specifications laid down by the principals.

The Company's core business offerings include:

  • Telecommunication Services
  • IT Infra & Network Services
  • Electrical Engineering Services

The company has a developed mix of services targeting both businesses and consumers. At today's breakneck pace of business, companies need more ways than ever to keep in touch, and the easier the better.

Barik Telecom aims to ensure smooth integration with third-party systems and endpoints as well as legacy systems, while emphasizing flexibility, reliability and high security.

BT Networks represents global Telecom vendors like Enterasys, Siemens, Planet, LS cables, AVAYA, Tellabs, Polycom, ND SatCom, Nexans, Net Screen, MGE, and many others. As we celebrate in Barik Telecom the fruitful policy of commitment, a glance at our achievements can tell it all.

Our Mission:

We will be the leaders in our business by - maintaining high quality, introducing new and innovative products, reaching every part of world, remaining customer-centric, constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills.

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